ecolysebuildingsEcolyse Research, also known as Phage Biocontrol Research, provides a variety of research services targeting industrial biocontrol in key industries such as oil & gas, water treatment and other water systems. This research supports both our product development and microbiology services departments, though our primary emphasis is currently targeting biocontrol using phage technologies for industry problems such as microbial influenced corrosion (MIC), reservoir souring, water injection issues and bulk foaming.

Ecolyse’s 2,400 square foot BSL II compliant laboratory is fully equipped with equipment and supplies necessary for industrial microbiological research and is supported by another 2,400 square foot facility for manufacturing and application testing. Combined, these facilities provide the lab staff with multiple biosafety cabinets, anaerobic chambers, microcentrifuges, autoclaves, temperature controlled water baths, shakers, regular and sub-twenty and sub-eighty degree freezers, lab refrigerators, a fume hood with external venting, a reverse osmosis water system, a walk-in cold room, analytical balances, dry heat blocks, incubators, PCR thermal cycler, UV spectrophotometer, visible light spectrophotometer, DNA gel electrophoresis, imaging systems and more. These facilities provide configuration flexibility for projects with specific requirements, including 120 and 240 volt power, drainage and air handling. Also available on site is a welding and maintenance shop as well as loading docks.

Our research team works directly with industry partners as well as major research granting organizations such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA) and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).

For more information on our research capabilities or to discuss collaboration on your biocontrol issues, go to our contact information page.