Ecolyse Food: High Quality Products Manufacturing Under cGMP Controls
Ecolyse currently manufactures a variety of food additives including both bacterial and phage products under cGMP quality and Kosher production standards.

Ecolyse Industrial: Fast, Reliable, Economical Bacterial Monitoring for Industry and the Environment
Ecolyse offers a variety of products and services including a comprehensive microbial monitoring technology (MicrobeID®), as well as an array of custom services including mold/mildew and bacteria laboratory testing services, biocide efficiency analysis (BioTrial) and microbiology consulting.


Industrial and Environmental Sample Analysis

  • Soil, water, mud, dirt
  • Biofilms on metals, concretes, solid surfaces
  • Oil and Gas systems, pig scrapings, corrosion pits
  • Greases, oils
  • Wastewater systems
  • Fermentation mashes
  • Bacterial Identification – MicrobeID®
  • Bacterial Population Analysis – MicrobeID®
  • Bacterial cell quantification – biochemical
  • Antimicrobial and Biocide Efficacy Testing
  • Custom Research Project Services- For academic and industrial based microbiological research
  • Culture – based bacterial population analysis
    • MPN analysis
    • SRB, APB, IRB, NRB, GHB, Aerobic heterotrophs

Ecolyse Microbiological Products

  • Bacterial culture medias for enumeration
  • Isolation and characterization of microbiological organisms.
  • Custom, GMP small-scale fermentation services
    • Bacteriophage
    • Bacteria

If you have any questions about our products or services let us know by sending an email to info@ecolyse.com.


MicrobeID®, Industrial Metagenomics Services:

  • Information on the type and abundance of bacteria in your sample
  • Utilizes next generation DNA sequencing methods
  • No culture bias
  • Identifies of thousands of bacteria and archaea in your sample
  • Provides relative abundance of each bacteria
  • Research Tool
  • System Monitoring Tool
  • System Diagnosis Tool


Bacterial media for monitoring in oil & gas, water and related industries. All medias are prepared to NACE TMO-194 Standard.
Specialty media to detect and enumerate the following types of bacteria:

  • Sulfate Reducing Bacteria – SRB
  • Iron Reducing Bacteria – IRB
  • Nitrate Reducing Bacteria – NRB
  • Acid Producing Bacteria – APB
  • General Heterotrophic Bacteria, anaerobic – GHB
  • General Heterotrophic Bacteria, aerobic – Plate Count

Ecolyse also provides supplies and consultation for use of these materials.


Bacteriophage, or phage, are ubiquitous, natural, water-borne particles that absorb to bacterial cells, inject their DNA, and then generate hundreds of new phage particles while killing the bacterial cell.

Ecolyse provides custom services including:

  • Phage production
  • Phage isolation
  • Phage genomics


How do you perform your microbial analysis? The Ecolyse MicrobeID® services utilizes 16S amplicon metagenomics in order to generate the sequences of the 16S gene from thousands of bacteria in the sample.  These sequences are paired to a database that provides details on the physiology of the most closely related bacteria in for which scientific data is available.


Ecolyse is developing ecologically safe, non-toxic solutions to the remediation of microbial induced problems in pipes, containers, tanks, pits, reservoirs and more by utilizing bacteriophage, natural bacterial predators.


Corrosion in pipelines and equipment is accelerated by the biological activity of certain bacteria. This microbiological influenced corrosion (MIC) affects the integrity, safety, and reliability of petroleum & water operations throughout the world.


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