Ecolyse Mold/Mildew and Bacteria Laboratory Testing Services

Ecolyse offers a full line of mold and mildew assaying services of environmental samples collected by Certified and/or Approved Inspectors, engineers or restoration companies. Our array of environmental microbiological testing includes culture-based detection of molds, and mildews that might be present in the home or workplace. In addition, Ecolyse can provide detailed population and mold spore identification analysis using DNA-based technologies.

The Ecolyse Microbiology Team offers a full range of water bacterial testing services to any individual or company submitting properly collected samples. These assays include:

  1. Coliform Testing – 2 days
  2. E coli Testing – 2 days
  3. Total Bacteria Testing 2 days

For exact identification, the Ecolyse MicrobeID™ Metagenomics Services provides information on the type and abundance of bacteria in your water sample. This service utilizes next generation DNA sequencing methods, has no culture bias and identifies thousands of bacteria and archaea present in your sample.